Yves Montand and Simone Signore: Something amazing and mindless


   The Parisian cemetery of Pere Lachaise, the couple is reunited (Getty)</p><div><p>If the two giants of French cinema, the singer and actor Yves Montand and actress Simone Signore, were alive today, they would have reached the year 2021, who are the ones whose partnership in life has survived for a long time, despite all its ups and downs thanks to a single political commitment that brought them together.

At first sight, a flame of love arose between them, and the story began. It was in August 1949, in the cafe “La Colombe d’Or”, in Saint-Paul-de-Vance (southern France), where their mutual friend was spending, Author Jack Braver, His times.

Simone Kamenker, born on March 25, 1921, who chose to adopt her mother’s maiden surname, was on vacation with her daughter in the sunshine of southern France. She was a radiant and educated woman, accentuated by her feminine voice. At the time, her husband, director Yves Alegre, was in Paris, and the love affair between them was a perfect model, and it was she who entered the world of stardom since he portrayed her in her first major role in “Didier Danver”.

In La Coulomb d’Or, Yves and Simon got acquainted with Jacques Prefer, and since then something astonishing and mindless and irreversible has happened.

As for Montan, who was a handsome boy who was distinguished by his courage, and a few months younger than Simon, he would give concerts in a place not far away. He is the son of Italian immigrants, and his original name is Evo Levi. He grew up in Marseille, and worked since he was eleven years old, and had a place on the music scene, and he took the name Yves Montan for himself, inspired by his mother calling him young, in Italian “Evo, Monta” (meaning Evo, go up.) The heart of this womanizer was covered with wounds, after the famous singer deserted him Edit Piaf That helped him in his artistic beginnings, paved the way for him to success, and associated with him an emotional relationship, so he pledged himself not to fall in love again.

In “La Coulomb d’Or,” Yves and Simon got to know each other through Jacques Brevier, and since then “something amazing, reckless, and irreversible,” as the actress once said. Simon left everything for Eve. Before they got married, they moved into their apartment in Place Dauphine in Paris. In their Parisian cocoon called “La Roulette”, as in their country house in Ottoy in the Normandy region (northern France), they were hosting many of their leftist friends, in social gatherings that were not without political talks, during which they discussed how to change the world.

They fought together many battles, rejecting nuclear weapons, denouncing McCarthyism, calling for the independence of Algeria, support for Chilean refugees, and condemning racism

The couple shared the same political leanings. Simon inherited from her mother a “kind of pacifism”, and her first contact with the world of the proletariat was through the Montan family, who “touched in a young age the essence of oppression, struggle and humiliation.” Together, they fought many battles, rejecting nuclear weapons, denouncing McCarthyism, calling for the independence of Algeria, support for Chilean refugees, and condemning racism. However, they also stood in opposition to the practices that the Soviet camp was witnessing, for example their participation in “Lavo” (recognition), one of their five joint films.

The two actors never joined the banner of the French Communist Party, but rather met with it. However, they separated from him in 1956, during Montan’s tour in the Soviet Union and the countries of Eastern Europe. This was immediately after the Soviet intervention in Hungary. The couple hesitated, but they were eventually gone. The tour was a success, but was marred by some sadness. In the Moscow metro, Simon read in a few glances what he said, “You came, you betrayed us.” “I still hope, but I no longer believe,” Montan said. Even the hero of “Cesar et Rosalie”, “Z” and “Jean de Florette” turned liberal in the 1980s, to Simone’s dismay.

She won an Oscar in April 1960 for the film “Le Schumann de la Haute Ville”

As she did in Moscow, Simon was keen to attend all of her husband’s concerts in France, even at the expense of filming dates for the films in which she participated. For her, it was his priority. Away from feminist thought, she once said about that, “Marital life is built on solid foundations, which are like the law of nature: the man dominates and the woman submits.” In another interview, she said, “I have never been anything but a fan of him, and I am very proud of that.”

However, this did not prevent her career from being successful, from the movie “Casque d’Or” to “La Vie Dauphin Sawa”, through “Larmeh Desomber” and “Lo Sha”. And she won an Oscar in April 1960, for the film “Le Schuman de la Haute Ville”. If 1960 was the year of global success, through this award, it was also the year of humiliation; As Simon left Hollywood for Rome, where it was associated with filming a movie, and Montan stayed in the capital of cinema to participate in “Let’s Make Love”, and what was from his colleague in the film Marilyn Monroe but fell in love with this handsome French singer.

The relationship with Marilyn Monroe was the main blow to Montand and Signore’s marriage, along with many other hits. Simon tried to make her position understandable by saying: “Do you know many men who would not care if they found Marilyn Monroe in their arms?” However, Simon never forgot.

The relationship with Marilyn Monroe was the main blow to Montand and Signore’s marriage

In 2004, actress Catherine Alegre accused her stepfather Yves Montan of molesting her. Problems became a lot between the spouses, and Signore started drinking alcohol and smoking a lot, so she grew old prematurely and resorted to writing. Emotional harmony remained between the spouses, although each of them lived independent lives.

Simon passed away in 1985 with cancer, and Eve lived six years later, during which time he rebuilt his life, becoming a father for the first time. But the Parisian cemetery of Pere Lachaise reunites the couple, and in it they will lie forever.

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