Zaki Abdel Fattah: “Usa” has the right to join the national team … and I advise Mustafa Schubert to leave Al-Ahly.


Zaki Abdel-Fattah, the former goalkeeper coach of the national team, said that he was hoping that Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the goalkeeper of the Tigris Valley, would join the national team in the current camp, in preparation for the Kenya and Comoros matches in the fifth and sixth rounds of the African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Abdel-Fattah added in televised statements: “Abdel-Monsef is presenting a great season and has imposed himself strongly, and I thought that he deserved to join the team as a second goalkeeper. I also hoped that one of the Olympic team guards would join the first team to gain experience in this camp.”

Abdel-Fattah added, “The national team is close to qualifying for the African Nations Cup finals, so I would have preferred to include Abdel Monsef and give him the opportunity, in addition to including a goalkeeper from the Olympic team and giving him the opportunity in the Comoros match.”

Zaki Abdel Fattah praised the abilities of Mustafa Schubert, goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club and the Olympic national team, noting that Mustafa Schubert has a strong personality and predicted a brilliant future for him long ago, but his biggest problem is that he is the son of Ahmed Schubert.

He added, “I call on Mustafa Schubert to leave Al-Ahly to get a real opportunity to participate, and to get out of the shadow of Mohamed El-Shenawy. Certainly, Schubert’s chances will be difficult in the presence of Al-Shenawi.”

The former goalkeeper coach Ahmed El Shennawy praised the Pyramids goalkeeper, stressing that he is the best in Egypt now and the second best goalkeeper in the history of Egyptian football, after honoring the legend of Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper and the former Egyptian ball.

He added that Ahmed El-Shennawy is a goalkeeper with global capabilities and specifications, and he is the best person I trained in the national team, and I hoped that he would continue in the ranks of Zamalek, adding:I also advise Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Awad to leave the white club so that he can get a real chance to participate and prove his worth by returning to the national team. “


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