Zamalek defeats Al-Ahly 33/28 at the end of the second round in a tied hand tournament


The Zamalek handball team beat its counterpart Al-Ahly with a score of 33/28 in the framework of the conclusion of the second round of a professional tournament, born in 2000 for the local season 2020/2021.

Both teams qualified for the combined session scheduled for 3,4,5 April in the Eastern Dukhan Hall to determine the champion.

The first day matches in the combined league will witness Zamalek with Al-Ahly Bank and Al-Ahly Nations Sporting, and on the next day Al-Ahly Bank against Al-Ahly and Sporting in front of Zamalek, and on the third day, Sporting with Al-Ahly Bank and Zamalek in front of Al-Ahly.

While the Competitions Committee of the Handball Federation announced the date and halls of the ninth round of the second phase of the professional league for the local season 2020/2021, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, in confrontations between the Olympic and Zamalek at 4 pm at the Olympic and Sporting hall with flowers 6 in Sporting and aviation with the vanguards of the army 6 In Military and National Production with Heliopolis 6 in the Police Union.

The tenth round, which will be held on March 26, will witness meetings between Sporting and Zamalek at 4 pm in the Olympic, the Olympic with flowers at 6 pm in the Olympic, and Al-Ahly with flying at 6 pm in the Police Union, and flying with Heliopolis at the same time in Military Production.


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