Zamalek executive: What happened against Shikabala is an unacceptable abuse


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, blamed the Egyptian Basketball Federation for the events of its match against Al-Ahly in the league, adding that what happened against Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala, captain of the football team, was an unacceptable abuse.

The attendance of the fans in the covered hall of Zamalek Club caused the cancellation of the Zamalek and Al-Ahly match in the Egyptian Basketball League.

Today, Tuesday, the Egyptian Basketball Federation announced the decisions taken by its side regarding the confrontation of Zamalek with Al-Ahly, the most prominent of which was calculating the victory of Al-Ahly and the loss of Zamalek. (See the full decisions)

During radio statements to the “On Two” program broadcast on “On Sport” radio station, Abdullah said: “We fully monitored the situation and analyzed the causes of the crisis, the most important of which was the non-compliance with the regulations of the Egyptian Basketball Federation.”

He added: “It is assumed that the fans will not be in the stadiums, but the list has not been implemented since the first day, when we faced Al-Ahly in the first round match. The confrontation witnessed the presence of the masses and we agreed.”

He continued: “I learned from the technical staff of Zamalek that a request was directed to the white team to agree to the public presence in the first round match under the slogan of rejecting intolerance, and therefore we agreed and believed that the treatment would be reciprocated.”

And he continued: “(Lu Haib, as far as he is terrified of the Basketball Association), because he did not insist on implementing the regulations and abiding by the law, and the match observer had to handle the issue of the exit of the masses and not put some in embarrassing situations.

He continued: “The Vice President of Al-Ahly Club (Al-Amiri Farouk) is the one who insisted on the exit of the fans, and gave his orders to the technical staff and players not to play the match, and also insisted that Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala leave the hall. This official raised the fans, and he had a direction against a specific person and asked He got out despite his commitment to public morals. ”

And he added, “What happened is considered a personal offense to the star of Zamalek, and we as an entity will not accept what happened.”

Regarding the measures taken by Zamalek, an executive member of Zamalek said: “We are an act and not a reaction. We objected to the decisions and did not accept them. We filed a complaint against the union because it did not implement the regulations since the first day, and in the match the observer did not comply with the implementation of the regulation.”

He continued: “We submitted a complaint to the Disciplinary Committee, and we requested that the Zamalek matches be postponed until the decisions are appealed.”

He concluded: “Some asked us to withdraw from the league, this is a reaction to a situation, but we will obtain the club’s rights in accordance with the law and regulations, and we have full confidence that the match will be repeated if Zamalek does not deserve a victory.”


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