Zamalek is investigating the participation of 3 players in the pranks program in Ramadan


Zamalek club officials decided to open a secret investigation into the fact that 3 players from the football team appeared in one of the famous landfill programs during the coming month of Ramadan, after the trio exploited the team’s negative rest due to the current stoppage of the league, and they traveled to Saudi Arabia to photograph the episodes of the program and then return To Cairo again.

And there were strong news inside Zamalek that the trio Ashraf bin Sharqi, Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jansh and Ahmed Sayed Zizou traveled to Saudi Arabia to film the episodes of the landfill program after obtaining a large sum of money, as this program will witness the emergence of a group of stars of the Egyptian football poles Zamalek and Al-Ahly in its new version in Ramadan 2021.

An informed source in Zamalek revealed that the secret of the club officials’ anger is that the players did not obtain prior permission to shoot the episodes despite repeatedly warning the players of the need to obtain My book is authorized to appear In any TV program.

Zamalek club officials asked all soccer team players not to appear in any entertainment programs during the blessed month of Ramadan, without obtaining written permission from the club’s management, with a strong warning to the players to impose harsh penalties on any player who appears on a television program without written permission from the administration The club.

The month of Ramadan witnesses many entertainment programs and landfill programs that witness the emergence of a number of Egyptian football stars, especially Zamalek players, Al-Ahly and other clubs, as the past years have witnessed the emergence of more than one player in such programs.

And preparing Zamalek for the MC match Algeria Next April 3Within the competitions of the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, in the Algerian capital, where the white people need to win against Mouloudia in Algeria and then Tongith Senegal in Cairo, with the Algerian champion losing the fifth and sixth round matches against Zamalek and Tarji To qualify for white For the next round as the second group, accompanied by Esperance, who officially secured qualification by beating the Whites in the third and fourth rounds of the tournament.


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