Zamalek: Losing a match does not mean the team’s collapse


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the committee that runs the Zamalek club, confirmed that losing a match does not mean the team’s collapse, pointing out that Ferjani Sassi is training hard in preparation for the MCA match.

Zamalek is preparing to meet MCA in the fifth round match of the African Champions League groups, and needs to win outside the stadium in order to compete for the qualifying card for the quarter-finals.

Ibrahim Abdullah said in statements to “On Time Sports 2”, “Losing a match does not mean the collapse of a team.”

“Zamalek is a great, great team with history,” he said. “I tell the fans that the players have a desire to complete the African Champions League campaign.”

He continued, “What I know and what is certain is that Ferjani Sassi is training hard for the match between Zamalek and Mouloudia Algeria, and thus how he appears with an Arab character and it is raised that he signed for another club.”

He stressed, “Sassi expressed his desire to renew Zamalek, and we too, Sassi does not negotiate with us. Whoever negotiates with us is the player’s agent, and negotiations are continuing.”

He added, “We do not know anything about what is being said about the image of Sassy, ​​all we know is that the player is training and is at the top of his focus with the team.”

Sassi’s contract with Zamalek ends at the end of the current season.

He concluded his remarks, saying, “We submitted a grievance and demanded to postpone the matches in the Basketball League, and I am confident that a decision will be issued after Zamalek’s grievance to repeat our match against Al-Ahly in basketball.”

The Basketball Association had considered Zamalek a loser against Al-Ahly, with the club fined and transferred a match outside its hall after the events of the summit match, which was not held due to the massive presence of the masses.


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