Zina Ramadan and the blessing of blood .. “Masrawy” inside the home of her ex-victim in Bo


7:08 PM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Port Said – Tariq Al-Rifai:

Israa Ibrahim Al-Tabei, a 26-year-old woman, devoted her life to caring for her six-year-old son, Yamen, after she separated from his father, but her life ended Tuesday evening in a pool of blood after she was stabbed several times with a sharp object, in light of an accusation Her family for her ex-husband as the culprit.

A blue plastic table at the entrance to an old house in the Hurriya district in the Al-Manakh neighborhood, topped with a plate of rice, another with eggplant and the third grilled fish. With which she adorned the house after the victim placed it in her hands a few days before her death, to make her son, parents and brother happy.

Dr. Ahmed Hassan Abu Hashem, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Port Said, and Dr. Adel Taeb, Director of the Public Authority for Health Care Branch, received a notification from the Central Emergency Room stating that the Al-Zuhour Hospital received the body of “Israa” as a result of her injury to the neck and multiple stabs in the chest after the attack on her from another With a white weapon, the security services moved to the scene of the incident, and the body was seized in the morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, to determine the circumstances of the accident and submit to the forensic medicine office.

Inside the crime scene, “Masrawy” met the family of the victim, and her father spoke trying to hold together: “On the day of the accident, I woke up to the dawn call to prayer, and after I performed the ablution, I found the apartment door open. When I asked her mother, she told me that maybe their son Muhammad, who is considered a person with special needs, left it open, so I went to sleep.” Then I woke up to the screaming of my wife, her hands on her daughter’s blood, and at that time the neighbors woke up to my voice as I screamed and called for an ambulance. ”

The father accused his daughter of killing her, saying: “He threatened her two days ago and told her that he would do something that would cause her annoyance, in addition to his permanent problems with her and his threatening several times to her, and he had previously assaulted us and her brother.”

Israa’s father added: “My daughter, may God have mercy on her, on the day she was killed, was with the lawyer to agree that her divorced husband would marry again, and write a contract in the apartment so that her divorced husband would write half of her in her name before marriage again. the book”.

The mother said: “I was surprised at about 4:30 in the morning with the door of the apartment open and closed it, then found the door of“ Isra’s room ”open, and when she entered,“ Yamen ”found her son alone on the bed. The accused confessed to committing the incident, “demanding retribution for her daughter from the perpetrator.

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