12 people were killed and 4 injured in a bus collision with a petrol transport vehicle in A.


12:32 AM

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Assiut – Mahmoud Agami:

Twelve people were killed and 4 others were wounded, on Tuesday evening, in a collision of a bus that transported passengers in a petroleum transport vehicle, on the Asyut Red Sea road, at km 103, according to preliminary information.

Assiut Governor, Major General Essam Saad, moved to the site of the accident, where the injured were transferred to the University Hospital.

Civil protection forces moved to the site of the accident, and 25 ambulances were pushed, and traffic barriers were set up and traffic was modified on the road to prevent overcrowding, while the governor continued from the scene of the accident efforts to aid the injured, transport them to hospitals and provide health care to them, directing in coordination with all security authorities And take the necessary action.

The governor was accompanied at the scene of the accident by Major General Asaad Al-Thukair, Director of Assiut Security, Eng. Shaker Yunis, Secretary General of the Governorate, Engineer Nabil Al-Tayeby, Assistant Secretary-General, Brigadier General Ihab Tharwat, Director of the Civil Protection Department, and Brigadier General Ihab Al-Alfy, Director of the Traffic Department.

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