12 US states asks Biden to ban combustion cars in 2035


The governors of 12 US states are organizing a campaign by US President Jobiden to ban cars with combustion engines by 2035, according to TheNextWeb.

The states that seek this step are: California, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington State, and Rhode Island.

This comes as Reuters reports, that although Biden has allocated $ 174 billion to stimulate the absorption of electric cars in the United States and build supportive infrastructure, those plans are related to banning passenger cars that run on fossil fuels.

In a letter to the US president seen by Reuters, he demands that the governors of those states “ensure that all new passenger cars and light trucks sold are emissions-free no later than 2035, with important milestones along the way to monitor progress.”

And earlier this month, Washington state took measures to effectively ban the sale of combustion engine cars from 2030.

America seems to be getting close to the idea of ​​electric cars and can join a group of European countries in banning ICE cars.

Electric vehicle sales for the first three months of 2021 increased by 81% compared to the same period last year in the United States, and with supportive legislation, this trend will only continue.


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