15 A statement from Samiha Ayoub to FilFan about “the peacock”: We presented the rape scene with Raqi … and the series “Al-Matawi” a farce | news


The great actress Samiha Ayoub participates in the series “The Peacock”, which is shown in the Ramadan race, and embodies the role of “Matilda”, the Coptic woman who supports Sahar Al-Sayegh, the “victim of rape”, in obtaining her right from the rapists.

In her interview with FilFan.com, she revealed various aspects of the series, and expressed her opinion about the Ramadan 2021 drama in general.

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The following are her most prominent statements:

– The role of “Matilda” in the series “The Peacock” symbolizes national unity, brotherhood and peace among Egyptians, and that if someone falls into a crisis, his Egyptian brother stands next to him without regard to religions.

I liked the series a lot and its story, because it is a problem of the day and I am interested in rape cases because the victims must be supported.

Society has changed its viewpoint towards the girl raped from guilty to harmed.

– Sometimes soaps are subjected to injustice due to their showing in Ramadan, and the series “The Peacock” will achieve higher views after the Ramadan season.

Sahar Al-Sayegh is a talented actress and presented the traumatic post-rape scene to the fullest.

– The series’ story is not related to the crime of Vermont, and rape and harassment are widespread.

– I say the young rapists, whether Vermont or others, “deserve to be beaten,” and I will not sympathize with them.

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Raouf Abdel Aziz is a creative director and a sensitive and sensitive person who does not miss any detail without paying attention to it, and I was confident that he would present a special series.

Raouf Abdel Aziz presented the rape scene with the utmost sophistication, without disturbing the modesty of the viewer or offending his feelings.

Jamal Suleiman is a talented actor and presents the role of a lawyer in a new way in the drama.

– I do not participate in dramas that present bullying and violence, and the Ramadan series “Matawi, Hasheesh and Opium” is a mockery and shame on the drama.

I will not participate in a job unless it carries an enlightening and purposeful message.

– I am not a fan of social media, and it has become a way to hurt and bully people.

I liked the series “Cairo Kabul”, which includes professional actors.

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