17 conditions for performing Taraweeh prayer in mosques during Ramadan (details)


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Prof. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, Minister of Endowments, held today, Thursday, 1/4/2021 AD, an expanded meeting with the leadership of the ministry regarding the preparation for the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 AH / 2021 AD and the regulations for working in mosques in the holy month, at the Hira Hall in the General Court.

During the meeting, the Minister of Endowments confirmed that the Qiyaam prayer in Ramadan for this year is valid, God Almighty willing, taking into account the following controls:
1. Wear a muzzle.
2. Taking a personal chapel.
3. Taking into account the social distancing distances.
4. The toilets are not open.
5. Shrines remain unopened.
6. Continuing not to allow any social events in mosques or their annexes.
7. Continuing to limit the funeral prayer to open places, outside the regular prayer times.
8. Not to allow any breakfast tables or the like, not in the mosques, their squares, or their annexes.
9. Not to allow i’tikaaf or tahajjud prayer in mosques.
10. Allowing the qiyaam prayer, taking into account the reduction of the prayer, for a period not exceeding half an hour, without giving any lessons or thoughts of the prayer.
11. With regard to women’s prayers in major mosques and the university, there is no objection to opening them for evening and tarawee prayers, provided that the place is appropriate and under the full supervision of a preacher or supervisor approved by the directorate to which the mosque is affiliated, taking into account all precautionary controls, and not allowing children or any food or drinks of any kind to be brought with them. Absolutely, and the preacher does not give any lessons or thoughts. As for the opening of all prayers, the supervising women preachers must be available throughout all the prayers with a prior schedule approved by the head of the religious sector.
12. Limiting work in mosques to prayer, and the Friday sermon, to no more than ten minutes in the sermon, as followed.
13. Mosques continue to open ten minutes before prayer and close after prayer, including Taraweeh prayer.
14. Continuing to suspend all advocacy activities, including lessons, caravans, memorization sessions, and the like.
15. The warning, stressing that all endowment workers apply these controls decisively and firmly.
16. All directorates must submit a memorandum to the head of the religious sector to quickly close any mosque or women’s chapel that does not adhere to these procedures, and no mosque that is permanently closed shall not be opened without the written approval of the head of the religious sector.
17. Not to allow any regular holidays during the days of the Holy Month.
18. A committee shall be formed headed by the head of the religious sector, the membership of the Undersecretary for Advocacy Affairs, the Undersecretary for Mosques Affairs and the Holy Qur’an, the Undersecretary for Inspection and Control at the General Office and all directors of the directorates and their agents in the regional directorates. The head of the committee submits a daily report to the Minister on the progress of work at the level of the Republic.

On the other hand, the Minister of Endowments emphasized during the meeting the intensification of electronic advocacy programs, television and radio programs during the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 AH / 2021AD, as follows:

The “Vision for Enlightened Thought” program for His Excellency the Minister of Awqaf is broadcasted daily on the Egyptian TV channels and the Holy Quran Radio.

The program “Forum of Islamic Thought” that is broadcast daily on the Nile Cultural Channel.

The program “I am Close” is prepared and presented by the youth of the imams of endowments, which is broadcast daily on the Nile News Channel.

The “Spirit’s Talk” program on Channel 1 and Egyptian Satellite TV, with the participation of a number of imams and leaders of the ministry.

The “Mosques of Egypt” program, presented by the youth of the imams of endowments, on Channel One and the Egyptian Satellite Channel.

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