3 goals canceled .. Real Madrid defeats Var and defeats Eibar


Real Madrid won a deserved victory over his counterpart Eibar, with two unanswered goals, in the 29th round of the Spanish League.

Marco Asensio scored Real Madrid’s first goal in the 41st minute, and Karim Benzema boosted the score in the 72nd minute of the match.

The meeting witnessed the cancellation of the video technology “Var” for three goals in favor of the Royal Club, for Karim Benzema, Marco Asensio and Casemiro.

Real Madrid raised its score to the 62nd point in the La Liga standings table, and Ibar stopped in the nineteenth place with 23 points.

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Match details

Karim Benzema missed the opportunity for Real Madrid’s first goal at the start of the match, after he hit a strong ball, but Eibar’s goalkeeper blocked it.

The French striker returned to score a goal in the sixth minute of the match, after receiving the ball behind the defenders and hitting the ball into the net with a header, but the referee canceled the goal due to offside Benzema.

Marco Asensio fired a free kick that Real Madrid got in the 21st minute, but the Spanish player’s ball hit the post and moved away from Eibar’s penalty area.

Asensio scored a goal in the 37th minute of the match, after he diverted a shot from Isco with the heel to the inside of the goal, but the referee canceled the goal due to the presence of infiltration on Asensio.

Marco Asensio scored a goal in the 41st minute, after receiving a pass from Casemiro behind the defenders, and the Spanish player fired a powerful ball into the net of the Eibar goalkeeper.

Asensio continued his brilliance during the events of the second half, after struck a powerful ball from outside the penalty area in the 51st minute of the match, but Eibar’s goalkeeper shone and took the ball into a corner kick.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois saved his goal from the opposite goal after a ball from the royal defender almost entered the net, but the Belgian goalkeeper shone and took the ball out before it crossed the goal line.

The referee canceled a new Real Madrid goal, scored by Casemiro in the 70th minute, with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, due to the presence of an infiltration on Aribas since the beginning of the attack.

Karim Benzema managed to score the second goal for the Royal Club after Vinicius Junior from the left front and sent a vulnerable ball to Benzemas head, who turned it into the goal of the Eibar goalkeeper in the 72nd minute.


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