4 goals that Al-Ahly seeks to achieve in front of the Sudanese Al-Merrikh in Africa … Qualification, the most prominent of which is


The club continues Ahly Prepare to meet Sudanese Mars, Scheduled for next Saturday in the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage matches.

The South African bLetsu Musimane Al-Ahly coach said that he will go to Sudan with the aim of making a strong offer befitting the holder of the last edition of the African Champions League, and the most crowned teams in this tournament, and he is working on this during the current period with the players, in statements to the official website of the Al-Ahly club.

Al-Ahly club is ranked second in the group with 7 points, behind Simba, the Tanzanian, who is at the top with 10 points, Vita Club comes in third place with 4 points, and the Sudanese club Al-Merrikh trails the group with one point.

Musimani sets 4 goals that he seeks to achieve in the Al-Sudani campaign, which we will review in the next report.

Decide to qualify

Pitso Musimani hopes to settle the qualification by winning the Sudanese Al-Merrikh and reaching the 10 point, which gives him the official qualification, because the Vita Club maximum points will reach it is 10 points, but Al-Ahly outperforms him in direct confrontations after the Congolese trilogy.

Group top spot

The victory over Mars will give Al-Ahly the opportunity to lead the group at the expense of Simba, who is expected to defeat the Gita Klopp and reach the 13th point, and at that time Al-Ahly will be required to win it in the last round with two goals or more in the face of Cairo Stadium to take the lead.

Continue to win outside

Another goal that Al-Ahly seeks to reach is to continue to win outside the home at the expense of Al-Merrikh, to be the second successive victory after the great victory that Al-Ahly achieved at the expense of Vita Club in the Congo, with three goals.

Retain the title

The victory will give Al-Ahly a pass to the quarter-finals, which confirms to all competitors that Al-Ahly is determined to retain its title for the second year in a row after last year’s title at the expense of Zamalek, and to issue a warning to all skeptics about Al-Ahly’s ability to qualify.


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