5 hidden features in “Instagram” that not many people know … Try it


Hindustantimes revealed a set of advantages and features available in the Instagram application that the CEO of the platform, Adam Moseri, talked about, indicating that they could be useful to users, as follows:

– The first feature is search, and it can be accessed by pressing and holding the exploration box, which takes the form of a magnifying glass in the bottom bar of the application. Long press on it, it will take you directly to the search page.

– The second feature is useful for those who use two Instagram accounts, when you double-click on the profile tab in the corner of the bottom bar for Instagram, the application will move you between the accounts.

– The ability to quickly return to the top after browsing downwards, and you can return by pressing the main icon.

– The ability to easily stop the stories video, by pressing the video while keeping your finger on it, as it will remain paused to be able to read what is written, and it will return to work as soon as you lift your finger.

– View posts without having to open them, and this can be done by clicking on the post image in the Explore field while keeping your finger on it as well, as it will display the content for you without opening it, and it will return to its position when you lift your finger from it.


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