7 messages from Sisi to Ethiopia regarding the Renaissance Dam: Options are open … and our Lord is capable of victory


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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent several crucial messages to Ethiopia during his talk about the Renaissance Project while attending the inauguration of the Integrated Complex for the Issue of Secured and Intelligent Documents, stressing the reason for Egypt’s respect and appreciation for development, provided that it does not harm its water interest.

Al-Masry Al-Youm monitors Sisi’s most prominent messages to Ethiopia.

1. We respect the development of Ethiopia to improve the conditions of its people, but within the framework of not prejudice to Egypt’s water interests.

2. «Saying to the brothers in Ethiopia, let us not know that we are reaching a stage that you touch a drop of water from Egypt.

3. “The options are all open. We build with some better than we disagree and struggle.”

4. “Oh group, we must learn from the challenges and problems that we have at least experienced, and we have seen the size of the cost, and we have seen the cost of any confrontation.”

5. “Cooperation is better … you don’t want to face the same pattern in 1962 and 1967, uh, and what it cost you to do. We don’t want to face what happened from our brothers in Iraq, uh, and others and others.”

6. «I have touched during the previous years, that our brothers in Ethiopia have some form of discomfort that the water is going to Egypt .. medicine has a mother placed in the hand of our Lord and he is to his work, to his work, our Lord will not change him.

7. Our Lord is familiar with the honest, faithful and loyal, and He is capable of their victory.

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