8 years imprisonment for Ahmed Bassam Zaki for “sexual harassment of two girls”


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The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced accused Ahmed Bassam Zaki to 8 years in prison on charges of sexual harassment of two girls by sending them sexual pictures and communicating with them without their consent.

The ruling was issued under the leadership of Counselor Hisham Abdul Majeed, and the membership of Adel Al-Ghwait, Usama Muhammad Abu Safi, Amanat Sr Ahmed Fahmy and Mahmoud Abdel Rashid.

The Public Prosecution referred the accused, known as the “American University harasser”, to criminal trial before the Economic Court, to stand trial on charges of sexual harassment of two girls, sending sexual pictures of one of them and repeatedly contacting the other without her consent.

The referral order issued by the Financial and Commercial Affairs Prosecution, in Case 2022 of 2020 Economic Survey, stated that the accused, from 2016 to 2020, had sexually harassed the victim, “Q.”, by making sexual matters, suggestions and insinuations, by sending her through WhatsApp Pictures of a sexual nature, and deliberate harassment of her by misusing communications equipment.

The investigations also revealed that the accused sexually harassed the victim, N.A., during a phone call between them, during which he made suggestions and insinuations of a sexual nature, as well as intentionally harassing her by repeatedly contacting and corresponding with the victim without her consent or the presence of an imperative for that.

The defendant appeared before the Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Fifth Settlement, for accusing him of indecent assault on 3 girls under 18 years of age, and threatening them and another girl in writing to divulge things that were offensive to their honor, and his threat was accompanied by a request for the continuation of the relationship with them, and a decision was issued to postpone it to the November 7th session, for information.

The Public Prosecution established evidence before the accused from what it obtained from his statements of the investigations, the testimonies of the victims and a number of witnesses, the results of the police investigations, and the text messages and pictures taken by the victims of the conversations that took place between them and the accused, and the proof of containment by the Forensic Medicine report The sample taken from the accused is based on one of the products of abuse of the substance of cannabis.

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