A cardiologist at an American hospital reveals when Corona ends … the most prominent issues on the talk show table


Every day, talk show programs deal with a range of important issues and topics, related to internal affairs and global issues, and we monitor the most prominent of what was mentioned in them as follows:

A cardiologist at an American hospital reveals to “Egypt Can” when the Corona virus will end

Dr. Amr Abdel-Baqi, a consultant cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in America, revealed the date of the end of the Corona virus and the timing of removing the muzzle, saying: “Looking at the history of epidemics, there is no epidemic that lasts more than two years … and my personal expectation is that if our Lord is easy, I will return to the third wave of Corona and vaccination. There has been an increase with no new mutation of the virus, infections will decrease in the summer, and next winter it will be very simple, and the last date for removing the muzzle will be at the end of this year .. We expect that the last wave of the virus will be spring if a new development takes place.

Dr. Amr Abdel-Baqi, a consultant cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital of America, advised not to overuse blood thinners among those infected with the Coronavirus, except in critical cases infected with the emerging virus.

Abdel-Baqi added, in an intervention via Skype, to the program “Egypt Can”, presented by journalist Ahmed Fayek, on the channel dmc, That patients infected with Coronavirus among critical cases are given liquid drugs to protect against blood clots in the heart and brain, continuing: “The rate of stroke among critical cases is 20% or 25% so far.”

Zahi Hawass: The mummies transport procession is the biggest propaganda for tourism and culture in Egypt

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the archaeologist, said that the world awaits tomorrow the launch of the golden procession of royal mummies, pointing out that Queen Hatshepsut is the only one who became a pharaoh, and that the woman did not have the right to become a pharaoh, adding: By subjecting the mummy to a CT scan, it was found that Hatshepsut She was obese and died at the age of 55 of cancer and was not killed.

Hawass added, during a telephone interview on the “Manshet” program, presented by Rania Hashim, the media, that watching the procession of transporting mummies from the television will be better than watching it on the ground, because the TV will show the procession from many angles, following: “The whole world will watch the procession from During televsion. “

And the archaeologist continued, saying that everyone is waiting for this global event to transport royal mummies, as it contains more excitement and dazzle, as 22 kings and queens will be transferred, stressing that the procession is the largest propaganda for tourism, culture and politics in Egypt.


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