A cross-continental goal with a header from midfield in the Irish League .. Video


Rory Donnelly, the striker of Irish club Glintoran, scored a global goal with his head during the match that brought his team against Donjanon Swift, in the Northern Irish Football League.

Donnelly scored a cross-continental goal with his head, in the 39th minute, after taking advantage of the goalkeeper’s exit, who tried to keep the ball with his head out of his penalty area, but it went high near the midfield point, so Donnelly climbed up to it and shot it with his head 36 meters away, and it headed to the net.

The confrontation ended with the victory of Glintoran with two unanswered goals, bearing the signature of Donnelly.

Glintoran are third after 29 games in the league, while Donganon Swift is bottom of the standings..


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