A dance video of Safinaz, the mind flies, but the suit took place: Better than 100 for our lords


Safinaz posted a video of her on Instagram during her gathering with a number of her friends and her friend who dancers, and they were all dancing to different songs.

The show dancer, Safinaz, was exposed to a very embarrassing situation, because her dress slid across the chest area, which exposed the entire chest area.

The songs caused a frenzy for Safinaz, as she began to dance in an exciting and strange way at the same time, so she began to move her chest quickly, which led to the dress falling from the top, revealing everything.

The situation was repeated more than once, and each time Safinaz took control of the matter by adjusting her clothes and returning to dance again.

Dancer Safinaz turned on the social networking sites “Instagram”, in her latest appearance.

Safinaz published a video of her on her official page on the social networking site “Instagram”, wearing a sexy belly dancing suit and dancing using her bottom, where she raised it up several times.

As usual, the video sparked controversy, especially as she showed her body in front of the camera, especially her chest and buttocks.

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