A fire in a hospital at the moment of an open-heart surgery .. Video


Russia Today satellite channel showed a video clip that detected a hospital fire … and the doctors did not leave it to complete an operation.

Doctors at the Cardiology Center in Blagovesinsk, eastern Russia, performed heart surgery despite the fire that broke out.

And according to the Russian emergency department in Amorskaya province, the hospital ceiling was flamed.

The mayor of the city, Oleg Imamiyev, said in his blog on “Telegram” that a team of doctors includes 8 surgeons and the patient remained in the surgical department of the center to complete a complex surgery on the open heart.

He added that the crews of the Russian Emergencies Ministry continue to put out the fire. 67 patients were evacuated from the hospital’s surgical ward and 14 of them were taken to their homes. In addition, 49 patients were transferred to the Medical Academy of the Amorskaya District, and 3 patients were transferred to the District Hospital.

The mayor explained that the emergency personnel were able to surround the fire. The city police are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident.

A spokesman for the Russian Emergencies Ministry stated that the number of people evacuated from the heart disease center reached 120 people.

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