A former Zamalek executive member reveals the reasons for his resignation and confirms: I did not jump off the boat


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the executive committee of the Zamalek club who submitted his resignation, revealed the reasons for his resignation on Friday, stressing that it came as an objection to the approval of the Zamalek management to play the Sporting game in the Basketball League, and that the resignation is final and irreversible after thinking and studying.

Abdullah said in televised statements to the Jamhour Al-Thani program on Ontime Sports 2 with the journalist Ibrahim Fayek that all that was said against him that he wanted to jump off the boat by submitting his resignation was unfounded.

He continued: “It was said that I was responsible for the departure of Pacheco and the departure of Mustafa Mohamed, and that the contract between Zamalek and Galatasaray was wrong. I endured all this, and I endured the transgression of my personal rights and the rights of my children, and I was attacked because I was going to contract with a large clothing company that would rent a store in the wall of Zamalek and give The club has a percentage of sales in addition to the rent of 150 thousand per month. “

He continued: “Sanctions were imposed on Zamalek within 24 hours by the Board of Directors of the Basketball Association, and certainly there were fans, but they left, but the observer refused to complete the meeting, and this is all due to the presence of Shikabala, and this made the Basketball Association adopt the team’s defeat, and the agreement was with the Board of Directors not The competition will be completed until five oclock today, but some members of the council decided to play a match, and are awaiting the amendment of the basketball federation’s decision, and this is their respectable opinion. When views differed, they decided to resign.


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