A fourth medical smear for El-Shennawi before the summit


Mohamed El-Shenawy, captain and goalkeeper of the first team of Al-Ahly club, will perform a fourth medical swab before the next Red Genie match against Zamalek, in the general league competitions.

Ahmed Schubert, former vice president of the Football Association, explained that El-Shennawi will conduct a fourth medical examination to detect the emerging corona virus in the coming hours, as he wrote through his personal account on Twitter: “A new smear for El-Shennawi tomorrow.”

El-Shenawi had conducted two medical surveys during the past two days, the results of which were positive, before conducting a third medical survey on Friday morning, and its results are expected to be announced within the next hours.

Al-Ahly faces, at 9:30 p.m. next Sunday, at Cairo Stadium, rival Qalidi, Zamalek, in a postponed match from the fourth week of the general league.

Al-Ahly ranks fourth in the general league standings table with 27 points from 11 matches played this season, while Zamalek is at the top with 33 points from 14 matches.

Al-Ahly is seeking to win its postponed match in the league competition in order to seize the lead again, 3 points ahead of its pursuit of Zamalek.


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