A French military school uses the “Spot” robot to train


The four-legged robot called “Spot”, designed by the American company Boston Dynamics, appeared alongside soldiers during training at a military school in France, and it appears that the robot was used for reconnaissance during a two-day training, but the publication raises questions about how and where to use Boston Dynamics’ machines in the future, according to As reported by the verege.

Pictures of the exercises were shared on Twitter by France’s first military school, the private military school of Saint-Cyr, and described the tests as “raising students’ awareness of tomorrow’s challenges,” which include “battlefield automation.”

A report by Ouest-France provides more details, saying Spot was one of a number of robots being tested by students from the French Combined Arms School, with the aim of assessing the robots’ utility in future battlefields.

The Verge quoted Boston Dynamics’ vice president of business development, Michael Berry, as saying that the robot had been provided by the European distributor, Shark Robotics, and that the US company had not been notified in advance of its use.

During the two-day deployment, Ouest-France says soldiers carried out a number of scenarios, including offensive action taking over a crossroads, defensive actions during the day and night, and combat testing. Each scenario was carried out using only humans and then using humans and robots together to figure out. The difference that the machines make.

Sources quoted in the article say that the robots slowed down operations but helped keep the troops safe, “during the urban combat phase where the robots were not used, one of the soldiers was quoted as saying that one of the problems was related to the Spot’s battery life.”


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