A hair that strikes the head of a leader from “Al-Qaeda” .. How did the “Qaraat Al-Fnjan” revenge for the slaughter of her lover?


A hair dropping a leading head off


In 2008, Iraqi forces overthrew a leader in Al Qaeda at the time, relying on a woman whose heart was burnt to slaughter her fiance.

This woman was able to penetrate the wife of the leader in the organization, to be the beginning of the story of the overthrow of her husband without her knowledge, through a process known as “Qaraat al-Fnjan”, which is one of dozens of operations that she carried out (Mother of spies) With the pseudonym “Umm Aisha”

The cup reader

It is the name of the operation initiated by an agent for the Falcon Intelligence Cell in Iraq. After long months of following the cell, one of the leaders of Al Qaeda, it did not have the opportunity to arrest him, so it resorted to a new method.

The intelligence agent knocked (Umm Aisha) The leader’s wife’s door in one of Baghdad’s regions, and she entered into a discussion with his wife, who lives in obsession with losing her husband with other women, and knew her as a fortune teller who reads the cup.

The Falconry Cell was able to collect this information about the wife of the leader, who did not mention his name, and found in the fortune teller method an opportunity to arrest him.

The intelligence agent was making promises to the leader’s wife about making a talisman for her that would protect her husband from the rest of the women and keeping him only for her, so his wife rejoiced.

(The cup reader) asked the leader’s wife for a hair from her husband’s head, but how will she get it?

She gave her her phone and told her to call her to come home and take a hair from her husband’s head when he was there.

A few days later, when the leader’s wife called the Iraqi intelligence agent whom she had accused of being a “fortune teller”, a force from the Hawk Intelligence Cell stormed the house and arrested it.

This is one of dozens of operations she has performed (Mother of spies) It is a name that RT gives to an Iraqi intelligence agent with whom we were able to conduct an exclusive interview.

In the coming episodes, we will publish videos with the voice of “The Mother of Spies” of the most prominent operations in which you participated.

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