A landslide victory … Summary of Match Barcelona | HD | Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao score 4-0 Bilbao vs barc


You can follow a summary Barcelona match Now Athletic de Bilbao vs barcelona, ​​in order to enjoy watching a fiery match in the final of the Spanish King’s Cup 2021, and it will be a fiery opportunity for the royal to get a big cup like this, after losing the Super Cup and losing the Champions League early, as a result. Barcelona Athletic Bilbao today.

We provide you with the results of Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao today in the final of the King of Spain 2021 Cup, we attach to you the details of today’s meeting, where two giants meet, so that the match date will be on Saturday evening 16 April 2021, which will start at 19:30 GMT, as it will start At exactly eight oclock in the evening Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria time.

The meeting will be at exactly nine oclock in the evening Cairo time, and it will be at exactly ten and a half in the evening Saudi time, and the meeting will be at eleven and a half in the evening UAE local time, and it will be at full ten oclock in the time of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

Open channels for the match Athletic Bilbao against Barcelona

The two teams meet at the La Cartuja stadium, and you can follow the meeting and enjoy it through the following group of channels:

  • Match Football 1
  • Premier Sports 1 HD
  • The TV Team
  • Telecinco
  • Match! TV
  • Nove HD Italy

Barca squad now against Bilbao

The Barca players will enter a fiery match tonight, in order to enjoy the unrepeatable King’s Cup final, and the Catalan players will enter as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Stegen.
  • Defensive line: Alba – Lenglet – Pique – Minguisa.
  • Midfield: Pedri – de Jong, Pjanic.
  • Offensive line: Griezmann – Messi – Dembele.

Match Barcelona and Bilbao summary directly

Barca 4-0 Athletic Bilbao

  • The players of the two teams descend on the pitch, and the start of the fiery round of the upcoming King’s Cup final.
  • The referee blows the whistle at the start of the first game, and a great soccer saga awaits us.
  • Fierce attack from Athletic Bilbao players, but without the slightest strength to score the first goal.
  • The Catalan defense is steadfast in front of its opponent in this strong match, and the first half comes to an end.
  • The end of the first half, with a goalless draw, and a short break for the two teams.
  • Griezmann scored the first goal in the 60th minute of the second game.
  • De Jong scored Barcelonas second goal now in the 63rd minute on the spot.
  • Messi managed to score the third and fourth goals for Barcelona today in the 68th and 78th minutes.
  • Barca won the King of Spain Cup 2021.


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