A leaked internal memo from Facebook reveals new details of the security breaches


A leaked internal memo revealed that Facebook is expecting more incidents such as a security breach that revealed data from about 533 million users, and the email was intended for Facebook public relations employees in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but it was accidentally sent to journalists in the Belgian publication Data News on April 8th.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the leak occurred, which included data on users from 106 countries, in 2019, but a set of personal information was published for free this year only, and before it was published on the hacker forum, the database was sold and resold in the form. Particularly on the part of the various cyber criminals who likely benefited from the information.

A Facebook spokesperson said in response to the leaked memo, “We are committed to continuing to educate users about data incidents. We understand people’s concerns, which is why we continue to enhance our systems to make the leak from Facebook more difficult and pursue the people behind this.”

“That is why we are allocating significant resources to combat them and will continue to build our capabilities to help stay ahead of this challenge,” the spokesman added.

The internal memo published by Data News reveals the PR strategy that Facebook intends to deal with similar violations in the future.

“In the long term, we expect more leakage incidents, and it is important to view this as a sectoral problem and to normalize this occurring regularly,” the email said.

The team proposes a follow-up leaflet in the coming weeks that talks more broadly about work on anti-leakage and provides more transparency about the work being done, saying, “This may reflect a lot of diversion activity, and we hope this helps normalize the fact that this continues and avoid criticism that we are not We are transparent about specific incidents. ”

Data News said the memo was sent in error after contacting Facebook to get more information about the data breach.


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