A NASA spacecraft downs an Ingenuity helicopter before the first flight to another planet


NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft, which is currently circling around Mars, shot down the Ingenuity miniature helicopter before the historic first flight of a four-pound plane, according to the Verege.

And Ingenuity dropped four inches from the belly of perseverance to the surface of Mars, while four inches may not look like a very large landing, getting creative was still a milestone, as the helicopter had to go through a multi-day process of flipping from landscape on The carriage to vertical position before it was placed, also had to stay on for seven months on a journey through space to reach Mars.

Now that Ingenuity is separated from perseverance, it will need to turn itself on and heat up, the helicopter will draw power from the sun using the solar panels on board, but the heater will have the difficult task of keeping the helicopter warm during the freezing cold nights on Mars, where it can descend Temperatures are as low as 130 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Bob Palram, chief engineer of the helicopter.

Assuming that the helicopter has survived the harsh conditions, it will aim to make its first powered flight to another planet, which is currently marked “not before” April 11, NASA determined the flight zone for the helicopter and determined by NASA on March 23.

The plan is for Ingenuity to attempt up to five test flights within 30 days before settling on Mars for good.


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