A new feature in Google Meet that allows you to continue your meetings even though the battery is low


It might be a nightmare to think that you ran out of battery while giving a presentation on Google Meet and that you do not have a power source to connect your device, also, you might be concerned that your laptop or smartphone might not have sufficient battery life to keep your Google Meet call full while you are on the go. .

Given concerns about low battery life, Google introduces a new “saving mode” that allows you to follow up on your meeting when your device runs out of battery charge or you may encounter connection problems, as the new saving mode will restrict data and power consumption on Google Meet while on a call.

The feature is rolling out gradually and you’ll soon see it under the Settings menu, however, you must turn on saving mode before joining a meeting. Note that you may experience a decrease in the quality of video calls when this feature is turned on.

Here’s how to turn on Google Meet’s power and data saving mode

Google says that you can use saving mode to restrict data, conserve battery and reduce CPU power, and to turn the feature on, follow these steps:

Open Meet

– Press the menu

Go to settings

– Turn on Limit data usage

– Join a video call.

Meanwhile, Google announced that it was extending the limit to offer Google Meet calls for up to 24 hours for free until June 2021, and the company had previously extended unlimited Meet calls to free users until March 31.


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