A pessimistic medical alert .. These people will not benefit from taking the Corona vaccine


And according to what was quoted by the American newspaper “New York Times”, the people who suffer weakness in the immune system They cannot produce enough anti-infection cells, which means that they are unable to fight the emerging corona virus.

This is the inability to produce CellsIt is he who pushed researchers to develop and test a therapeutic technique based on what is known as “monoclonal antibodies.”

Among those facing this “dilemma” is Dr. Andrew Willowitz, who has subjected himself to quarantine inside the home for more than a year, and supervises the medical staff working under his control through the application of “Zoom”.

Willowitz is running the medical emergency department at the Montefiore Hospital Center in New York State, but he was forced to stay at home because the cells of his immune system were damaged after undergoing treatment for cancer In the year 2019.

Despite a breakthrough in the Corona crisis in the United States, after millions of people benefited from the vaccine and started to go out and travel, the doctor says that he does not leave his home except in very few cases, because he is still vulnerable.

The doctor took a vaccine last January, but his body did not produce any antibodies at all, and he, in turn, did not expect this to happen, because he is a prominent academic in medicine and knows his health well.

He is one of the millions of Americans who suffer from this immune deficiency disorder and will not benefit from The vaccine Because their body cannot produce the cells that fight Virus.

Some of these people were born with a weak immune system, while others suffer from this disorder because they have gone through difficult pathological experiences, and have undergone treatments that affected the immune system systems, such as treating cancer.

Some people produce a limited number of immune system cells, while others do not produce any cells at all, which means a great deficit in front of viruses that enter the body.

And if these people are infected with a virus Corona Newcomers, they may get sick for a long time, while the probability of dying from disease increases. “Covid-19To 55 percent, which is a very high percentage.

There is currently no data on the rate of non-response to the Corona vaccine among these vulnerable people immune system.

The company “Regeneron” has launched a drug of monoclonal antibodies, for the benefit of a limited number of people with weak immune systems, but this project is still in the process of testing.

Pending a solution, experts advise vaccinating those who suffer from a weak immune system, because the vaccination may produce a limited percentage of cells, that is, it reduces the risk at least, even if the vaccine does not achieve a major immunization similar to those without immune disorders.

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