“A petition to the Minister of Endowments” … Sheikh Al-Tarouti comments on closing his mosque


10:44 PM

Thursday 15 April 2021

Books – Mahmoud Mustafa:

Sheikh Abd al-Fattah al-Tarouti said that the Ministry of Endowments closed the al-Taroti complex in the Sharqiya governorate as a result of his appearance and some worshipers who did not wear masks were behind him. He continued: “This is a negligence and omission among the worshipers, but it is not intentional, and I declare my commitment to the same as other fellow imams, so that the mosques will always be a source of security and safety.”

Al-Taroti continued – in a video on his official Facebook page -: “I call on everyone to abide by the precautionary measures, and I say that what happened was an ordeal, because when a person is deprived of praying in his mosque, and the worshipers are deprived, it is an ordeal, and I ask the Minister of Endowments to accept this commitment, and to open the complex. So that people are not deprived of praying in it. “

The operations room in the general office of the Ministry of Endowments, headed by Sheikh Jaber Taya Youssef, head of the religious sector, decided to close the “Al-Tarouti Complex” mosque in the village of Tarout in Zagazig in the Eastern Endowments Directorate, and Sheikh Abdel Fattah Al-Tarouti was prohibited from any action or an imamate in the mosques until he appeared before the Ministry’s Values ​​Committee Badr from him from the violation represented in not following the separation procedures and not adhering to the precautionary controls in the mosque during his imamate of the worshipers in Tarawih prayers and not doing what is necessary to alert them.

The ministry said that the decision was based on a memorandum from the Eastern Endowments Directorate approved by the Head of the Religious Sector and Head of the Follow-up Chamber for Commitment to Precautionary Measures Regarding the Violation of Sheikh Abdel Fattah Ali Abdel Fattah Darwish and his fame, Abdel Fattah Al-Tarouti, as he led the worshipers at the (Al-Tarouti Complex) mosque in the village of Tarout in Zagazig in the Endowment Directorate Eastern Province without adhering to the preventive controls and precautionary measures, in violation of the Ministry’s instructions in this regard.

The Ministry of Endowments stressed the directorates not to enable him to read or lead people in their mosques until he appears before the Ministry’s Values ​​Committee and to address the National Media Authority about his violations, to take what it deems necessary regarding the violation, and to instruct the Eastern Endowments Directorate to close the mosque with locks from the Directorate and keep the mosque’s keys in the district.

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