A poll reveals the support of half of Americans for the “The Rock” candidacy for the presidency


Newsweek magazine said that a new poll found that at least 46% of Americans would support the candidacy of Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson, known as “The Rock”, for the presidency.

The famous actor and former wrestler had hinted that he might run in the 2024 race several times, and a PeopleSai poll revealed that nearly half of American adults would support his candidacy.

The poll found that 29% of respondents would support Johnson’s two campaigns for the presidency and actor Matthew McConaughey to be governor of Texas, while 17% said they would support Johnson’s candidacy only.

In addition to Johnson, the poll asked respondents what they thought about whether other celebrities should run for the presidency. Angelina Jolie’s candidacy received 30% support, while 27% said they would support Oprah Winfrey, and 225 they would support Tom Hanks. And 63% of the respondents said that Hollywood stars could be good politicians if they had the political talent or the right team.

The poll was conducted online to over 30,000 adults this month.

Johnson has been asked several times about running for president over the past years. In 2016 he said in statements to GQ magazine that he would not rule out running, and described the idea of ​​being president as tempting, but he indicated that there are many things he likes to do first.

And in 2017, he told The Ellen Show to seriously research the idea of ​​becoming a candidate.

Johnson kept indicating his interest in running for the presidency, but indicated that his decision would be based on the level of public interest. In an article in USA Today in February, Johnson said that the decision on his political future is up to the people.


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