A rare medical accident .. an American surprised a fetus inside her womb, after a month of pregnancy


A unique medical condition witnessed in the city of Atlanta, the capital of the US state of Georgia, according to CNN, after an American woman discovered that she was pregnant with her child while she was pregnant with her first son, also, within three weeks. American Rebecca Roberts joined the list of rare cases known as pregnancy during pregnancy that It happened to about 10 women only around the world.

The rare medical incident began after doctors told “Rebecca” that she was pregnant with her first child after many attempts to conceive, and only three months passed until the shock occurred as the medical staff discovered, through an ultrasound scan taken at week 12, that another fetus is developing Next to his brother in the womb.

The medical staff discovered that the 39-year-old American woman had conceived while she was already pregnant, in a rare medical incident, as the girl joined her brother about three weeks after the first pregnancy.

The doctors confirmed that the second child is growing at a steady rate, three weeks apart behind the first, and the doctors attributed this to what is known as an overload, which occurs for various reasons, as women usually ovulate only once in each cycle, and one or more eggs are released at one time, If fertilization with a man’s sperm is successful, then the egg or eggs implant in the uterus, and pregnancy begins and no further ovulation occurs, so this is a rare medical miracle.

Doctors explained that when a woman gives birth to twins, two eggs are released at the same time, and in the unusual case of triplets, all of these eggs are released with one ovulation, and identical twins occur in the case of the division of the newly fertilized egg.

And in the case of the American lady Rebecca, the egg was fertilized and implanted during the first ovulation, and somehow, the ovulation took place again during the same The courseThat is, another egg was fertilized, which became another fetus, and at different times, both embryos were implanted in the womb.

The mother, “Rebecca”, confirmed that she was planning to have children and took a single dose of fertility drugs designed to stimulate ovulation. Indeed, the tests showed her pregnancy, but the discovery of her second fetus was an unexpected surprise, as Rebecca was concerned about the baby’s growth in the womb, which affects her health at birth, Since the baby is much smaller, the birth of the two children was successful.

The medical staff confirmed that the two children were born with a successful Caesarean section, and they had to spend time in separate intensive care units for newborns, especially since the second child was born with a low weight.


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