A rare picture of Nahed Sharif at the age of 16 at the start of her artistic career


Today, 40 years have passed since the departure of the artist, Nahid Sharif, who left our world after a journey of suffering with cancer, on this day, April 7, 1981.

Her real name is Samiha Muhammad Zaki al-Nayal, and she was born in 1942, and she knew the way to art through her friend, the artist Zubaida Tharwat, and her first artistic work was when she participated in the 1958 movie Habib Hayati, and her first starring role was in the movie Me and My Daughters in 1961.

She got to know her discoverer, director Hussein Helmy, the engineer, and she married him despite the age difference between them. She also worked for several years in Lebanese cinema, and some of her films sparked a lot of controversy.

Nahed Sharif on the cover of Al Kawkab magazine in 1958

After her divorce from Hussein Helmy, the engineer, she married Nahid Sharif from the artist Kamal El Shennawy, and after that she married a civilian from the Lebanese artist Edouard Gerjian, the brother of the late dancer Kegham, and they had their only daughter, Lina.

Nahid Sharif suffered greatly in her life, as she suffered from orphanhood and lost her parents at an early age, and after her brilliance she suffered from illness for a period before her death in the prime of her youth before she completed 40 years on April 7, 1981 after a struggle with breast cancer, to leave her only daughter in Age 4 years.

On the anniversary of her death, we show a rare photo of the late artist Nahed Sharif, at the age of 16, published on the cover of a rare issue of Al-Kawakeb magazine, issued on September 2, 1958, as a gift to us by the art historian Naim Al-Mamoun


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