A ruling raises controversy with a strange request from the “golden boy” and Guardiola to comment


The ruling raises controversy by a strange request of


Al-Rayas referee sparked controversy with a strange request from Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland, as soon as his team’s match in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final ended, which ended with Manchester City winning 2-1.

And television footage showed, one of the Romanian assistant referees Octavian Schufer, who managed the match, approached Haaland, nicknamed “the golden period” in the tunnel after the match, to get his signature on his yellow card, and he actually succeeded in his request.

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Haaland, 20, is one of the most promising talents, and top European clubs are competing to get his signature and join their ranks, led by City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Social media pioneers shared the scene, as it is not usual for referees to ask players to obtain a signature after the confrontations.

Josep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, was asked about it during the post-match press conference, answering: “I was told about it, I myself have not seen anything. Perhaps he is a fan of Haaland, why not? Maybe signing for his son or daughter, I have never seen this before. But the referees did a good job. ”

Source: dailymail


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