A source in the Sudanese Crescent: There is no intention to contract with Sassi because of his dues


A source inside the management of the Sudanese Al-Hilal club revealed the truth about the news that spread recently regarding the signing of Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, midfielder of Zamalek to the Sudanese club Al-Hilal, in preparation for the transfer to him in the next summer transfer period.

The source said that the Sudanese club’s board of directors will hold a meeting at 3 pm Cairo time to discuss the team’s deals in the next season, and Ferjani Sassi will not be among them, but there are players from the people of Khartoum.

The source added that Al Hilal Council did not speak with Ferjani Sassi, knowing that his financial requests are high and exceed the financial capabilities of the club, which confirms that the player is outside the accounts of the Sudanese Al Hilal, adding that there are players from the Khartoum Al-Ahly team who are currently negotiating with him playing in the midfield position and close to wearing The blue jersey at the beginning of next season.

Media reports have spread recently that revealed that Al-Hilal Club entered negotiations with Ferjani Sassi, whose contract expires on June 30th, and so far it has not been renewed despite the statements of White Castle officials that the desire for renewal is common between the two parties, but financial matters are the only obstacle..

And according to the Sudanese “Coverwater” website, Al-Hilal club entered into serious negotiations with Zamalek player Ferjani Al-Sassi in order to sign him during the next transfer period..

The Sudanese coverwater website mentioned that the negotiations of the Sudanese Al Hilal club with Ferjani Sassi reached advanced steps in order to sign with the Tunisian player during the upcoming summer transfers..

He added that Ferjani Sassi was close to playing for Hilal in the past period, but the Sudanese team favored the player Anday, and the Tunisian player is expected to arrive in Khartoum in the coming hours to complete the negotiation with Al-Azraq..


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