A sufficient president arrives in Cairo for the first time, and Abu Rida receives him


Patrice Mozebi, president of the Confederation of African Football, arrived in Cairo for the first time since he was elected to succeed Ahmed Ahmed as the presidency of CAF to manage football in the African continent.

The Confederation of Confederation of African Football (CAF) said that Mozebi arrived in Cairo today, Thursday, and went to the headquarters of the CAF presidency on the sixth of October.

He awaits his agenda for a series of interviews from government officials, as well as senior officials of the African Union.

Hani Abu Raida, a member of the Executive Office of the International and African Unions and the African Union Emergency Committee, was among the independents of Mutsipi upon his first arrival at the headquarters of the rule of the round witch in Africa.

Mozebi won the presidency of the African Union on March 12, after being elected in the run-up to the General Assembly that was held in Morocco this year.


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