A Tunisian artist responds to violent criticism because of her bold scenes in “Cairo Kabul”


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A Tunisian actress has been subjected to violent criticism in her country because of her role in the Egyptian series, “Cairo Kabul”, shown during the month of Ramadan, and the view by many that it distorts the image of Tunisian women.

Actress Yusra Al-Masoudi responded to the attack campaign directed against her, through a post on her account on the “Instagram” social networking site, in which she said: “Clarification, people, especially girls, who sent me lewd messages with a huge amount of strange insults on the basis that I mutilate women. Tunisian women and their encouragement for the jihad of marriage and that I do not represent them, about any distortion you speak, ignorant, I swear by God, I will respond and say that you are ignorant of society, ignorant of history and facts, and want to falsify reality.

And she continued: «Didn’t many Tunisian women and other Arab nationalities travel for marriage jihad? It was a choice of them or compulsory due to circumstances. Do you not cover the image with the pierced sieve? Yousra Al-Masoudi ».


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