A Turkish scientist develops a drug that eliminates Corona within two days


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– The Turkish scientist and researcher in the United States of America Serhat Jammukchu:
The medicine is a spray that targets the virus’s enzymes and makes it kill itself
– The effect of the treatment lasts for up to 10 months and it can be used for prophylactic purposes as well
– The results that we obtained from animal experiments showed that the drug can eliminate the Corona virus in one dose within 6 days (in animals), and in two days in humans.
We expect to put the drug on the market at the end of this yearIn a research institute in the United States of America, Turkish scientist Serhat Jammukhu was able to develop a drug that was exposed to the global medical community that could eliminate the Corona virus in humans, within 48 hours.

Dr. Jammukchu was born in the state of Izmir in 1982, received his basic education in his hometown, and then enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the “9th of September” State University (DE.).

After obtaining his medical degree, he joined the Russian “First Moskow State” University and majored in genetics, then obtained a doctorate degree in immunology and oncology.

Since 2013, Jammukhoo has been working in the United States, on research on gene therapy and cells in the field of cancer and infectious diseases, and since 2018 he began to conduct his research and studies in a research laboratory bearing his name at the “Seraph Research” Research Institute in Los Angeles, California.

Jammukchu heads the institute’s clinical research team, and together with his team, he developed a treatment method, in the form of a spray, aimed at eliminating corona virus cells.

The research team came up with a method of treatment called “Hijack RNA” based on the use of protein enzymes for the Corona virus “SARS-CoV-2”. The results showed that

Conducted on animals, the treatment method eliminated the virus within 6 days.

The drug can be used for prophylactic purposes as well, as its effect remains in the respiratory system for several months

Recently, the results of the study were announced during a conference entitled “Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections” and the team applied to administer

The US Food and Drug Administration to obtain permission to conduct human trials.

It is planned that the treatment method will be used, after the success of the human trials, with doses that are sprayed in the mouth once at intervals ranging between 9-10 months for treatment and prevention purposes.

This method is intended to be used to prevent epidemics caused by the “SARS-CoV-1” virus (SARS) and mutated strains and epidemics of the coronavirus family.

Method of treatment

In an interview with Anatolia, Gammarko talked about his study that focused on eradicating the Corona virus and the way the treatment “Hijack RNA” works.

Customsco explained that scientists, in their fight against viral infections, usually target virus enzymes and try to develop drugs that disrupt these enzymes, and that he thought 3 years ago that a mechanism could be developed that differs from what preceded it.

He added that he developed a new model and mechanism for treatment in which the drug interacts with enzymes and then gives a signal for the virus and the cell to kill itself.

“We started experiments on hepatitis B infection, then the Corona virus epidemic appeared, so I began to study the virus like all research laboratories in the world. I changed the treatment mechanism that I developed to treat hepatitis B, by modifying the genetic code and the drug’s genetic code and redesigning it to target,” he said. Coronavirus, and upon completion of the treatment design, I started working on the cells.

Customsco indicated that he received positive reactions in international scientific conferences regarding the treatment mechanism, and that they began experimenting on animals during that stage in cooperation with some universities.

And the results obtained by the Turkish researcher from animal experiments showed that they can eliminate corona with one dose of treatment within 6 days (in animals), according to him.

And he continued, “In animal experiments, we use doses and quantities of the virus to inject them, far exceeding the amount that humans are injected with and reaching 10 thousand times, and given that the treatment eliminates this high dose within 6 days, we can guess that the treatment will eliminate the virus within two or three days when The human”.

Customs said that they are planning to start human trials within a month after obtaining the necessary permits from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Collaborate with scientists around the world

Customsco announced his research to a number of the most prominent scientists in the world during the conference on “Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections” and said that he had received offers from senior researchers to cooperate with him, and cooperation had already begun with a number of major institutes and universities worldwide.

He indicated that the treatment they developed is effective against mutated strains of the Coronavirus because it targets the virus enzymes needed to continue its life cycle.

– “Spray” that lasts 10 months

Customsco added to Anadolu Agency that they manufactured the drug in the form of a “spray” that is given in one dose orally, and its effect lasts for nine to ten months. It is expected that the drug will be put on the market at the end of this year.

He pointed out that the effect of treatment remains for months in the respiratory system, so the medicine can be used for prevention symptoms as well, not just for treatment.

Customsco mentioned that he had received offers from several companies to develop the vaccine, but the institute he works for is doing its work for charitable purposes and aims to distribute the drug equally to countries regardless of their economic status.

The Turkish researcher indicated that he may return to Turkey in the future to continue his research in his field from his home country.

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