A video explaining why the “rioter” Neymar was expelled !?


Video explaining why Neymar was expelled


The Paris Saint-Germain team suffered an impressive defeat at home against its guest Lille (0-1) in the match that took place between them on Saturday, within the framework of the 31st round of the French Football League “League 1”.

Lille owes his victory to Canadian striker Jonathan David, who scored his only winning goal, in the 20th minute of the first half of the meeting.

Brazilian star Neymar Jr. received the second yellow card in the last minute of the match, after his clash with Lille defender Thiago Diallo, to leave the “Princes Park” in the capital, Paris, dismissed with a red card.

Neymar was sent off for the third time since the beginning of 2020 in the French League, more than any other player in the competition.

And the Lille team took the lead in the league, with 66 points.

Meanwhile, the defending champions Paris Saint-Germain stopped at 63 points and ranks second in the table, just one point behind Monaco, who is ranked third.

Source: Agencies


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