A women’s choir that revives the badges of the old cartoon series


And go off “Color word melody” festival On the second of this April, and is still going on, as he brought together music, plastic art and poetry from various Arab countries, with the aim of getting acquainted with the culture and encouraging tourism in the Kingdom.

و .عاد “Gardenia” women’s choir singing Cartoon Series Badges Loved by different generations in the Arab countries, and he gave his singing performances in Syria AndUAE AndLebanonAnd online in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Maestro Gardenia, Ghada Harb, considered the songs of the old cartoon series as part of the collective memory of innocence and love for different generations. They mastered and memorized them by heart.

“Love for all, good for all”

In the manner of collective singing, “Gardenia” performed 3 weeks ago a concert entitled “Love for all and good for all”, on the opera stage of the Al-Assad House for Culture and Arts in the capital, Damascus.

Harb said that Gardenia sang for the audience over the course of an hour, with the voices of 20 singer and 13 academic musicians, to the rhythms of the pianist Rama Nasri, in addition to Safana Nasri, who took over the musical arrangement.

Gardena sang 18 Sharat songs Cartoon series And children’s programs, it is Iftah Ya Simsim, Bill and Sebastian, andworldwide stories, Peru, Senan, Treasure Island, Maymouna and Masoud, andLady Oscar, WmRemy, Sasuke, andiron Man, AndGranadizer, AndAdnan and Lina, Juncker, Tom Sawyer, W.Sandy bell.

Women’s choir

And “Gardenia” won a contest Coral Middle East Regional, which was held in Dubai in 2019, won two awards, the first as the best choir in the Middle East region, and the second as the best women’s choir.

The choral institution, Ghada Harb, recounted that they had performed at the time, for the badges of the cartoon series, as well as classic Syrian and traditional songs.

She added: “The idea of ​​creating a women’s choir came to me 5 years ago, and actually I started creating the project in 2016 with the support of a group of friends like Safana Bagla, who took over the management, and Rama Nasri, who is the pianist in Gardenia. Professional singing techniques, collective and solo. “

Harb noted that they wanted the choir to be a woman, “to shed light on the capabilities and skills of women in preparing an influential generation in the making of peace.”

For her part, “Anagim Azzam Sopranotani”, a Gardenia choir singer since its inception, considered her joining the Gardenia family “an important and prominent turning point in her musical life, which enriched her artistic career and enhanced her singing experiences.”

She told “Sky News Arabia” that she was introduced to various styles of singing, as part of collective singing.

“Zgharid Syria and Marid El Henna”

And Harb continued, they worked after my project Classic songs And the Cartoon Songs program, on the preparation of the “Syrian Zaghairid” project.

And she said, “We documented, through Zagareed, everything that is sung for the Syrian bride in all the cities of the country, and the matter was very well received. We also held a party in Beirut where we sang Zgharid’s songs in coordination with UNESCO, which considered (Syrian zagharid) an immaterial heritage. Similar in Brussels, but circumstances did not allow us to travel. “

And due to the high rate of underage marriage in the Syrian society, especially in light of the war during the past ten years, the war decided to launch a humanitarian appeal through music and singing, and the call to protect the female from early marriage due to its negative psychological and physical effects on the child wife and on society.

Corona song

And imposed on the Syrians after an outbreak Corona VirusHome quarantine, so the young maestro came to mind the idea of ​​writing the lyrics and singing them collectively at home, about the need to follow precautionary measures, the risks of disease and the need to prevent it.

Maestro Harb explained that she is currently participating in a joint project with the United Nations Development Program, entitled “Harmony”, pointing out that it aims to form a choir for non-specialized hobbyists of both genders, “to support social harmony with music and singing, and to enhance the positive energies of youth.”


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