Abd al-Rahman al-Iryani, returning from execution to life and from prison to presidency


  • Anwar Al-Ansi
  • BBC – London

Al-Eryani and the author of these lines
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Al-Eryani and wrote these lines in Damascus in 1991

In more than four volumes of his lavish memoir book, Abd al-Rahman al-Eryani, the former Yemeni president, amasses an encyclopedia of photographs of his correspondence and papers documenting a time that was the most important in the history of the Arab region during the past century, and he was one of its major symbols and makers of its important events.

And among the folds of books and studies devoted by many Arab and foreign historians and researchers, and companions and students of his journey in which they dealt with his biography, there was another section of documents that his memoirs did not fit into, or that he did not possess copies of them that contain a great deal of historical importance as well.

He was the “judge” and this is the term that everyone agreed upon to describe Al-Eryani, a metaphor for a rich and sublime culture in various human sciences that gathered in his person.

He was the only one among the middle-aged figures of that century who changed their positions into a story that made their history an intimate part of that history that is almost untold until their lives are told with it, and the most attentive and surprising are the qualities of the man who knew the (value) of patience when patience improved, And (wisdom) determination, where he has no determination.

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