Abdel Ghani is waiting for the African Zamalek to qualify for his wedding


Zamalek defender Mohamed Abdel-Ghani is waiting for his team to qualify for the next round in the African Champions League, to hold his wedding after the Senegalese match, scheduled for next Saturday at Cairo Stadium, in the final round of the African group stage matches.

Zamalek needs to win over Tounjeth and lose Mouloudia of Algeria to Esperance in Tunisia, to qualify for the next round as the second group, accompanied by Esperance.

Abdel-Ghani is seeking to hold his wedding after the Tuncheth match directly before the holy month of Ramadan, as well as before the matches of Zamalek against Haras Al-Hodoud and Al-Ahly on April 14 and 18 in the Egypt Cup and the Premier League, respectively.

And no voice rises above the sound inside the Zamalek club Prepare for the Senegalese match, Tongith, The fateful one, scheduled for next Saturday in the framework of the sixth and final round of the African group stage, which There is no substitute for winning against the Whites While waiting for Mouloudia Algeria to lose to Esperance in the same round, El Obeid will qualify as the second group, accompanied by the Tunisian champion.

And the status of Zamalek officials, Paying part of the arrears For the players, at the forefront of priorities before the fateful Tongith match, to motivate the players to shine in front of the Senegal champion, to strive for victory, to reach point 8 in the Champions League, and to wait for the fall of Mouloudia in Tunisia, after Zamalek renewed his hopes of winning over the Algerian champion at home and in front of his fans with a clean double in The fifth round on Saturday evening, to raise its score to point No. 5, and the loss of Esperance against Tounjeth in the same round made the two matches of the last round of great importance, as Zamalek needed to win and the loss of Mouloudia to qualify, while the loss of Esperance would also make it lose the top of the group to the Algerian champion.


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