Abdel Moneim Amayri raises controversy in a shocking way inside the bathroom .. Watch


The Syrian actor Abdel Moneim Amairi posted a picture of him on his personal and official accounts on social media, where he shocked the audience and appeared through it while he was naked from the lower area and relieving his needs in the bathroom.

Where some described that disgusting and disgusting scene, and some other people considered that he had wasted his artistic career with this disgusting scene, while it became clear that the picture was part of the scenes of the series Anonymous and co-starring Abdel Moneim Amayri.

The series revolves around suspense and excitement, as the series deals with many cases investigated by Criminal Security, which are not without the element of excitement and suspense. The events of the first episode began with the police finding a secret weapons room.

Where it is the bedroom of the dead man, Muthanna Al-Faisal, and the prosecution is in charge of the investigation, and a famous artist named Rand is found, and the police sense the existence of a relationship between Muthanna and Rand, and an unknown series written by Muhammad Abu Laban and Liwa Yazji and directed by Sudair Masoud.

An unknown series, starring Basil Khayyat and the artist Abdel Moneim Amayri And the artist Haya Maraachli, the artist Nazli al-Rawas, the artist Milad Youssef, the artist Ihab Shaban, the artist Gianna Anid, the artist Fayez Qazak, the artist Rami Ahmar, the artist Taraf al-Taqi, the artist Pierre Dagher, and the artist witnessed the slippery.


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