Act in Congress for an inquiry into the HIV outbreak in a US state


Act in Congress for an inquiry into the HIV outbreak in a US state


A cell infected with the acquired immunodeficiency virus “HIV”.

US Senator Joe Mansheen has requested a congressional examination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the outbreak of HIV in West Virginia.

Today, Monday, the West Virginia Democratic Senator presented an initiative to conduct the interrogation on behalf of the Kanawa County Committee, the largest in the state, two months after a center official warned that the outbreak of the virus that causes AIDS is “of most concern in the United States.” “.

In a letter to the head of the centers, Rochelle Wallinski, Mansheen requested that the Kanawa County Committee’s concerns be reviewed and responded by Friday.

The head of the Kanawa County Committee, Kent Carper, said in a statement that the outbreak is “an important public health issue and deserves our full understanding.”

In early February, Director of the HIV Prevention Unit at the American Centers, Dmitry Daskalakis, gave a presentation at a meeting on the provincial HIV task force.

He said: “It is possible that the current increase in cases of infection is only the tip of the iceberg. There are likely many more undetected cases in the province. We are concerned about the continuing transmission of infection and the number of people infected with the virus will continue to increase unless urgent action is taken.” .

Source: “The Associated Press”

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