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The Egyptian singer Angham revealed new details about her disagreement with the Syrian actress Asala Nasri, and the reason for the Egyptian actress’ response to calls and messages of authenticity, despite the recent reconciliation between them.

And it seemed that Angham did not prefer the way Asala tried to communicate with her more than once, by sending messages over the phone or calling her, indicating that the apology is not through WhatsApp or social media in general, but rather it must be between you and yourself and your Lord in The intention to reconcile and between those who signed a dispute with him so that matters continue to take their personal framework.

And Angham continued during her speech on the “Swalif Ramadan” program on “Rotana” radio, “Whenever the solution to the dispute between the two people and their Lord testifies to them, it will be real and more sincere, as there are real intentions for reconciliation and tolerance within them, noting that if it deviates from that framework, it will be a mere show or show.” She concluded that this is her point of view.

And Asala had joked the artist Angham, by directing her a call through the same program a few days ago, and she said: This is a call to Naghma, my response to my messages or my minutes if you will .. I am blindfolded .. If I want to bring you home.

Weeks ago, Asala published a picture of Angham with her children, through her account on “Instagram”, with a public apology, ending a dispute that lasted about two years.

In turn, Angham replied to Asala by republishing the apology, and commented on her account in “Instagram”, “We are all wrong, Asala, and it is calculated for you that you have the courage to apologize, and despite all that happened, I could not accept your apology and God forgive what was previously.”

The dispute between Asala and Angham escalated, last year, after the announcement of Angham’s marriage to music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, who was married to Yasmine Issa, daughter of director Tariq Al-Erian, the former husband of Asala, which was not accepted by Asala as one of the relatives of the distributor Ahmed Ibrahim’s first wife.

Asala said at the time that the news of Angham’s marriage bothered her a lot, and she confirmed that she did not blame her and only canceled her follow-up on social media.

She described what Angham did as “treachery,” and what happened as “the destruction of homes.”



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