Advance of the alimony disbursement date from Nasser Social Bank for Thursday, April 8, on the occasion of Ramadan


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Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nasser Social Bank, confirmed that the date for disbursing alimony from the bank will be brought forward to Thursday, April 8, on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, while taking all precautionary measures to prevent overcrowding, as part of reducing the burden on those who are entitled to alimony.

Al-Kabbaj explained that the bank provides many social activities that contribute to extending the umbrella of protection and social solidarity to all groups in need of care in the community in order to achieve a decent life for these groups and provide the basic needs for them, including the Family Insurance System Fund, which aims to secure the Egyptian family from the risk of abstaining from the obligation On its performance, where it disburses these expenses for each of the wife, children and parents, and the issuance of temporary or final court rulings by submitting an application to the Nasser Bank branch located in the district of the place of residence on the form prepared for this purpose, which is disbursed free of charge accompanied by the executive copy of the judgment or the order issued with the alimony declared A legally valid advertisement, a copy of the personal investigation, and the available data on the perpetrator against him.

Mohamed Ashmawy, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the bank, stated that the Family Insurance System Fund disburses approximately 72 million pounds per month as expense, and the number of beneficiaries from the fund, as of 2/28/2021, reached 417 thousand beneficiaries with 262 thousand judicial rulings.

Ashmawy indicated that the exchange will be available in more than one outlet for the payment of pensions and salaries, including the exchange through the 96 branches, or exchange through ATM cards, whether the machines of the bank or other banks, with the bank’s commitment not to calculate withdrawal commissions in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank. In the event of withdrawals from any ATM belonging to other banks, customers must also have the exchange service available through the outlets of Fawry, the leading company in the field of electronic payments and financial services, in order to ensure the safety of customers, in a way that contributes to reducing crowding and congestion within the bank’s branches and at ATMs as much The possibility, in a manner that is consistent with the efforts made by the state to reduce gatherings, overcrowding and crowding, and to take all precautionary measures.

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