Advisor to the President for Health: The manufacture of the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine in Egypt makes it available to Africa


Dr. Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President for Health and Prevention Affairs, affirmed that the signing of the two agreements with China to manufacture the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine in Egypt is of great importance in light of the global war in providing vaccines that are witnessing a significant shortage in the quantities produced, especially since the producing countries account for the most From the vaccine and the World Health Organization announced it.

The President’s Adviser for Health and Prevention Affairs stated, in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV, that signing the agreements is a positive thing that contributes to providing vaccines not only to Egypt, but to Africa and the Middle East, indicating that the Egyptian Drug Authority has the capabilities and capabilities to evaluate any product, whether it is a vaccine or a drug, Stressing that the Egyptian state will not allow the existence of any vaccine unless its effectiveness has been verified in the internationally permitted rates, and also its safety for the Egyptian citizen, examining the papers and the product and reviewing the experiments before registering it in Egypt.

The advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs indicated that there is already an increase in infection rates, explaining that the precautionary measures represent the first line of defense in combating the virus, and one person can transmit the infection to members of the entire family.


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