African champions .. Al-Ahly tied with Al-Merrikh and crossed into the quarter-finals


And with this result in front of the Sudanese Mars, qualify The Egyptian Al-Ahly team To the quarter-finals of the African Champions League in second place.

My goal was achieved Sudanese Mars From Ramadan, Wonder in the 26th minute, and Saifuddin Bakhit in the 36th minute, while Badr Bannon scored a goal by Al-Ahly through a penalty kick in the 81st minute, and Yasser Ibrahim in the 90th minute.

Al-Merrikh Al-Sudani managed to boost his tally to two points after he had one point, while Al-Ahly of Egypt raised its tally to 8 outcome points, following two matches against Al Merrikh of SudanVita Club In the Congo.

Al-Ahly of Egypt had tied with Vita in Cairo, and Al-Merrikh in Khartoum, while I lost one from Simba in Tanzania.

Al-Ahly was able to achieve an important victory, during the last round, against Vita Club in Congo, with three clean goals.

In the second half, Al-Ahly increased their attack on Sudan’s Al-Merrikh goal in an effort to reduce the difference, until he got a penalty kick by Badr Bannon, scoring Al-Ahly’s first goal in the minute.

In the ninetieth minute, and minutes before the end of the match, Adel Yasser Ibrahim was able to add the second goal, adjusting the result.

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