African qualifying groups for the Qatar World Cup .. The Arabs are represented by 8 teams


After the fall of the curtain midway on the qualifiers for the 2022 African Nations Cup, the African teams are preparing for the group stage of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup “Qatar 2022”.

The first phase of the qualifiers was launched in September 2019, with a knockout system, and resulted in 14 teams qualifying for the second phase.

The second stage (group stage), which will start its competition in the next international break in June, will feature 40 teams, the 26 highest ranked teams in the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), which have been exempted from entering the first round of the qualifiers, in addition to 14 teams. He qualified from the first round, in which the 28 lowest-ranking FIFA teams participated.

The 40 teams participating in the second round were distributed into 10 groups, with 4 teams in each group, provided that the group leaders (10 teams) qualify for the final stage, where the ten teams qualified for the last round will be divided into two levels according to the FIFA classification, by 5 Teams in each level, with each team from the first level playing with one of the second-level teams in the home and away matches, and the winner of the total of the two matches will go up to the World Cup, so that 5 African teams eventually qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.

The eight Arab teams (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Mauritania, and Djibouti) are seeking to participate in the group stage (the second stage of the qualifiers), to proceed with the qualifiers in order to reserve one of the five cards to rise to the Qatar World Cup, noting that the teams Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and Senegal represented Africa in the last World Cup, “Russia 2018”.

The following are the African qualifying groups for the Qatar World Cup:

Group A: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Djibouti.

Group B: Tunisia, Zambia, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea.

Group C: Nigeria, Cape Verde, Central Africa, Liberia.

Group 4: Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Malawi.

Group E: Mali, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda.

Group F: Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Angola.

Group G: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia.

Group H: Senegal, Congo, Namibia, Togo.

Group IX: Morocco, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan.

Group Ten: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania.

Source: RT


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