After 12 hours of investigation, Hassan Shakoush was released on bail of 20 thousand pounds


11:50 PM

Monday 05 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

The Nasr City Prosecutor decided to release the singer Hassan Shakoush, on bail of 20 thousand pounds, and seized 19 other people for Bakr, in the event that he opened an unauthorized cafe.

The Nasr City Prosecutor concluded its investigation with the singer Hassan Shakoush in Case No. 928 of 2021 Misdemeanor City Nasr, which is related to his accusation of opening a sufficient in Nasr City without a license.

The prosecution investigated the incident, along with Shakoush and others, for 12 consecutive hours, into his accusation of opening a cafe in Nasr City without fulfilling the operating conditions.

A defendant who works as a “bodyguard” in the cafe of the popular singer, Hassan Shakoush, made his statements before the Nasr City Prosecution Office.

The accused said that he was contracted to secure the opening ceremony of the cafe for 300 pounds per night, and he does not work continuously in the cafe.

Yesterday, Sunday, the security services arrested the famous singer, Hassan Shakoush, on charges of violating anti-Corona measures by holding an opening ceremony for a “cafe” owned by Anwar Al-Mufti Street in Nasr City, in addition to not obtaining some licenses.

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